The School was set up on 15 th July 1994 as an English medium co – ed institution to import to students, uberal balanced and quality education on modern lines as to inspire the students to become worthy of the rich cultural heritage of India.

The School runs without any distinction of race, creed, caste or social status expecting to inspire the students to develop an atmosphere of India tradition , culture and social environment. Doon Public School expects to imbibe the best features of Public School such as discipline, spirit – de – corps, character building , physical development and straight forwardness.

The School aims not only to provide high quality education but also to provide citizens with all round personality full equipped to march into the world, ready to scale new heights and explore new vistas in life.

We encourage our students to inculcate the qualities of perseverance and intellectual curiosity and blend them with innovation in pursuit of knowledge and education that will help them to stand on their own jeet to this end. The School lays emphasis on academics as well as sports and extra curricular activities in equal measure.